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A study by Google in collaboration with Ipsos in six countries including France, Batterie Asus Eee PC 1015P the smartphone would occupy an ever more important in the consumption habits of mobile users. The search for product information via these terminals significantly influence purchasing decisions of consumers. Investigation "Our Mobile Planet: Global Smartphone Users" Google was conducted in January 2012 in collaboration with Ipsos in six countries (United U.S., UK, France, Germany, Spain, Japan). It highlights the increasing share occupied by the use of a smartphone in search of information generated by the public, and its role in their purchasing decisions. Batterie Asus Eee PC 1015PD The most interesting results of this study (for France ):

34% of mobile users have conducted research on their mobile phone after seeing an advertisement in a magazine.Batterie Asus Eee PC 1015PDG
81% of users who searched for local information then reacted to this information: one quarter of them (26%) had called the company / store and 43% of them being made in the company / the store.
Nearly a French owner of smartphone in four (26%) said that he intentionally his cell phone with him to compare prices and get product information.
Mobile users say change your mind about a purchase in a store Batterie Asus Eee PC 1015PDT (19%) or online (17%) after reviewing the information obtained from their smartphone.
A quarter of smartphone owners say they have already made a purchase through this type of terminal, which places France however far behind Japan (40%) and U.S. (34%)
Darty announcement, Wednesday, Feb. 29, the launch of three new calling plans which proposed a € 0, DARTYBOX available to subscribers, including one Batterie Asus Eee PC 1015PE hour of communication in France (without SMS). January 10, Free Mobile was the first operator to launch a bid for € 0, reserved for Freebox subscribers, with 60 minutes of talk time and 60 SMS. other two new packages Darty Mobile 2H concern an offer (and sms) to € 9.90 / month Batterie Asus Eee PC 1015PEB and another unlimited (calls and SMS, plus 1GB of internet data) to € 24.90 / month. At this price, all offers are without engagement and mobile.

A beta of the upcoming operating system from Microsoft, Windows 8, is available to download from Batterie Asus Eee PC 1015PED Wednesday, February 29. Accessible to all, this is also the first Windows version 8 available in French. Until now, only developers were able to test an earlier version of Windows 8. The main change relates to Windows 8's intuitive interface "Metro", derived from what is already offering Windows Phone that allows you to scroll and quick access to favorite applications and documents.
The players of the Batterie Asus Eee PC 1015PEG football simulation PES 2012 Konami's benefit as of March 6 for a free update for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. This will include an update of the teams following the transfer market in the winter, and new models of Adidas and Nike to outfit their player. A list of news, Konami adds new equipment of the national teams of Spain , Germany and Japan. As for the official balls available in PES 2012 , the publisher's suite with that of the UEFA Champions League (on May 19 in Munich, Germany), used since the final round of the showpiece event of European club football. Batterie Asus Eee PC 1015PEM

In addition to profiles already concerned since the end of 2011, the famous "Timeline" Batterie Compaq Presario CQ41 of Facebook now extends to fan pages of the social network. Since Wednesday, February 29, administrators can opt for this new presentation of a single page or preview, in order to adapt the content accordingly. All pages will automatically be upgraded to this new format March 30.
Apple has launched its invitations to the American press for its next big conference, scheduled for Wednesday, March 7. At the sight of the invitation, no doubt he will present the new iPad, as indicated by Gizmodo . Among other rumors, it is this question for a new iPad 3 Retina display (like the iPhone 4S), a processor with four cores and the lack of "home" button.Batterie Compaq Presario CQ45 The web also abuzz with rumors of a second model, smaller variation in 7 inches.

In January 2012, 89.8% of mobile Internet users visited at least Batterie Compaq Presario CQ71 one site on their mobile, while 65.3% consulted at least one application connected from their smartphone, according to a first monthly ranking of the mobile Internet, published by Médiamétrie Wednesday, February 29. The categories are the most consulted, in order, portals / search engines / communities (19.8 million unique visitors), Internet services / telecom (15.7 million), entertainment (15.6 million), news ( 12.1 million) and computer / consumer electronics (8.4 M).Batterie HP G50 the ranking of most visited sites, Google (13.4 million unique visitors) ahead of Facebook (12.4 million), YouTube (7.6 million), Twitter (7.1 M), Orange (6.5 M), Apple (6M), SFR (4.7 M), Wikipedia (4.5M), Bouygues Telecom (3.6 million) and Yahoo! (3.2 M). the side applications, Google (10.4 million) is also high, before YouTube (8M), iTunes (7M), Game Center (3.8 M) and Facebook (3.2 M). Surprisingly, applications such as Shazam (1.6 M) or Batterie HP G60 Viedemerde (1.1 M) are more popular than Météo France (0.9 M) and Deezer (0.8 M). The scope of measurement Médiamétrie account 13,743 sites and 1,907 mobile applications for the month of January 2012.

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Sonic est de retour dans de nouvelles aventures, et il sera de nouveau accompagné de son fidèle ami Tails, le renard à deux queues, comme en témoigne un nouveau trailer pour Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II.
Miles "Tails" Prower, de son nom complet,Batterie HP G61 a fait sa première apparition aux côtés du hérisson bleu dans Sonic the Hedgehog 2 en 1992, et lui est resté fidèle depuis, avec au moins un titre par an.
Il était pourtant aux abonnés absents dans Sonic 4 (le premier épisode, datant de 2010), mais est revenu dans les trois titres qui ont suivi, notamment les hits Sonic Colors et Sonic Generations.
Nintendo, l'ancien rival de Sega quand ce dernier fabriquait encore des consoles, a répliqué avec Super Mario 3D Land l'année suivante, et Ubisoft s'est également embarqué dans cette révolution rétro avec son Rayman Origins en HD, mais c'est Sonic qui est le plus rapide à investir le marché des smartphones, Batterie HP G70 puisque cet Episode II sort sur iOS, Android et Windows Phone 7 en plus des plateformes traditionnelles PS3, Wii, 360 et PC.
Sega annonce actuellement ce nouvel épisode des aventures du hérisson bleu pour le "printemps 2012", mais une mise-à-jour éphémère du Xbox Marketplace en ce mois de février indiquait une date plus précise pour sa Batterie HP G71 sortie: le 16 mai.

Médiamétrie has announced the establishment of a new audience measurement for mobile Internet.Batterie ASUS N53JQ The results published by the institute of measurement will now be monthly rankings. This new methodology will therefore have greater perspective on the figures announced and appreciate the evolution of the hearing. Médiamétrie also says that this hearing has been perfected since it now takes into account the uses and mobile connections in WiFi, which is not negligible. This measure is based on all mobile connections of the three operators that are Bouygues Telecom, Orange and SFR. In terms of published results, Médiamétrie establish a ranking takes into account: Batterie ASUS N53J
Audience measurement and ratings ranging from general to specific so that help and have a global vision of the mobile Internet. Figures for the month of January 2012 indicate that 89.8% of Smartphone owners have visited least one site from their unit in the first months of the year. They are 65.3% had used a mobile application connected. This new methodology represents a real step forward that allows for reliable reporting, precise Batterie ASUS Eee PC T91 and regular market participants.

The operator is launching a plan to save 300 million euros a year. Bouygues Telecom will implement in 2012 a plan to save 300 million euros a year, whose impact should be felt from 2013, Wednesday, February 29 said the parent company Bouygues.Batterie ASUS Eee PC 1001HA diversified group anticipates a 10% decrease in sales of its telecoms industry in 2012 "despite the continued growth of fixed broadband", which should have a negative effect about 250 million euros on the gross operating profit (EBITDA) in 2012 for this activity. In releasing its results for last year's Tuesday night, the group had said it expected a decline in sales of this branch in 2012, which required the establishment of a savings plan. But he did not give detailed figures. Bouygues said that sales of telecom -5.74 billion euros in 2011 (2%) - would suffer from the planned reduction of termination rates of Call (impact estimated at about 350 million euros)Batterie ASUS Eee PC 1005PE and the transformation of the mobile market, which hosted in January a fourth operator, Free Mobile. The gross operating income should therefore fall by about 250 million euros in 2012, including a negative impact estimated at 90 million euros of lower differential termination rates, the company said. Bouygues Telecom has decided to "adapt to the new" by changing its cost structure with the establishment of a plan to save 300 million euros a year, whose effects will be felt that from 2013. The group includes evolve its offerings and distribution channels (commercial costs of 900 million euros in 2011),Batterie Toshiba Portege M750 and seek "significant flexibility" available to it in terms of external loads (1 , 2 billion).

The Batterie Toshiba Portege M780 "Sponsored Tweets" will appear soon on the iPhone and Android. Twitter announced Tuesday, Feb. 28, the extension of its advertising program to mobile phones in the form of "sponsored tweets", in another attempt to generate revenue on this social network. group based in San Francisco said its users equipped with mobile Apple iPhone or Google's Android system would soon see these ads on their devices. This advertising system - a company pays to put forward a short message - was introduced by Twitter two years ago. Also, users of iPhone and Android will soon appear on sponsored recommendations in the list of accounts showing people Batterie Toshiba Satellite L305 to follow.

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After announcing the expansion of its program sponsored tweets to SMEs and small enterprises (limited time offer for the U.S.) , the advertising program of Twitter will be extended to mobile applications of the microblogging platform. Batterie EPC 1015 Twitter apps for iOS and Android will support the display of tweets promoted in the flow Offtopic users. The goal: to offer advertisers new opportunities for targeting marketing. As a reminder, sponsored tweets (Promoted Tweets) are mini-commercials, distinct from other tweets by displaying the words "Promoted". They are used by brands to better target the distribution of their promotional messages to their subscribers, especially via a geo-location criterion. Promoted the tweets are visible at the top of search results (by keywords) of Twitter,Batterie EPC 1015P and are highlighted in the news feed of a user subscribed to a registered account to subscribe to the service, with the notation " Promoted. " Expanding the audience for sponsored tweets far tweets promoted in the news feed users were only visible from the web interface of Twitter, but not on mobile applications for Twitter (as opposed to trends promoted research, or research results already integrated into third party applications). With the latest update of Twitter applications for iPhone and Android, Batterie EPC 1015PE promoted accounts (accounts of suggestions to follow) and promoted tweets (appearing in the flow news) will therefore incorporate these mobile applications. The Promoted tweets occupy a position of choice is clearly visible "at the top of the news feed" users the following account of a registered partner program. These changes will be reflected gradually, Twitter announced on its official blog. They should allow brands to better target advertisements to be broadcast on the platform, Batterie EPC 1016 and amplify the impact of their promotional campaigns.

L'opérateur Bouygues Telecom, qui a perdu 134.000 clients à mi-février au profit de Batterie EPC 1016P Free Mobile dont l'offre a été commercialisée le 10 janvier, a décidé de jouer les observateurs après l'arrivée "tonitruante" de ce quatrième opérateur, attentif à toute distorsion de concurrence.
Entre le 31 décembre 2011 et le 15 février 2012, le portefeuille de téléphonie mobile s'est contracté de 159.000 clients en variation nette, dont 134.000 ont demandé le portage de leur numéro vers Free, a indiqué Olivier Roussat, directeur général de Bouygues Telecom, lors d'une conférence de presse consacrée aux résultats annuels du groupe Bouygues, Batterie EPC 1215 sa maison mère.
Bouygues Telecom, troisième opérateur français en part de marché, comptait 11,30 millions de clients en téléphonie mobile au 31 décembre 2011.
Le premier opérateur, France Télécom avait levé le voile le 22 février : au 15 février, il avait perdu 201.000 abonnés par rapport au 31 décembre 2011, dont 40% au profit de Free. L'opérateur Orange comptait plus de 27 millions Batterie Asus Eee PC 1015B d'abonnés en France à fin 2011.

Seul SFR (deuxième sur le podium) n'a pas encore divulgué ses chiffres Batterie HP Pavilion dm3 mais son propriétaire Vivendi publie ses résultats annuels jeudi, l'occasion peut-être de faire le point.
L'arrivée de Free a généré une "forte agitation commerciale", a reconnu Olivier Roussat.
Pour Martin Bouygues, PDG du groupe diversifié dans le BTP, l'immobilier, les médias et les télécoms, "ça a été un peu tonitruant, peut-être un peu excessif, un poil vulgaire". Il n'a pas remis en question les conclusions de l'Autorité de régulation des télécoms (Arcep) qui a réaffirmé mardi que Free respectait ses obligations de Batterie HP Pavilion dm3t couverture de la population française, après de nouvelles vérifications menées après des semaines de polémiques.
Free Mobile s'est engagé à couvrir 27% de la population avec son propre réseau à son lancement et a signé un contrat d'itinérance avec Orange pour couvrir les trois quarts restants. Mais les autres opérateurs affirmaient que Free ne respectait pas cette obligation Batterie HP Pavilion dm3z de couverture.
Une distorsion de la concurrence "grave et préjudiciable"
Free "fait le coucou sur le réseau d'Orange en grande partie", a estimé Martin Bouygues, soulignant que le patron de France Télécom/Orange "Stéphane Richard (a dit) que c'est 95% du trafic qui est écoulé sur le réseau d'Orange". Batterie Asus Eee PC 1015T
"Pour le moment, l'offre de Free est très forte mais elle n'est en aucun cas le reflet de ses coûts de production. Elle n'est en aucun cas le reflet d'un gain de productivité qu'aurait inventé Free par une martingale quelconque", a poursuivi Martin Bouygues. "Pour le moment, c'est un moyen pour préempter un parc de clientèle, point barre".
Il a prévenu que s'il y avait distorsion de concurrence parce que les obligations d'investissements Batterie Asus Eee PC 1015PW "ne sont pas les mêmes pour tous les opérateurs, ce serait extrêmement grave et préjudiciable".

Cela génèrerait "probablement des discussions qui échapperaient au simple cadre de l'Arcep. Pour le moment, on n'en est pas là", a-t-il relevé, rejetant toute éventualité de procédure devant les instances européennes. Batterie Asus Eee PC 1015PN
"Ils démarrent, observons", a-t-il tempéré, estimant qu'il ne serait pas "tout à fait anormal" que le contrat d'itinérance entre Orange et Free soit connu des deux autres concurrents.
Orange et Free "peuvent s'arranger et fabriquer des offres en parfaite coordination alors que les deux autres n'ont pas l'information. Ce me paraît poser un premier problème", a-t-il relevé.
Mais pas question non plus de saisir l'Autorité de la concurrence en France. "Elle a le droit de se saisir. (...) On verra bien", a-t-il lancé, comme un appel du pied. Asus Batterie PC portable


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